Music From Our Mates: VOL1 by Jack Tasker


We’ve put together a playlist that shows off some of the best music from our friends, many of whom are based in and around Staffordshire and West Midlands.



There’s a mix of everything from metal, to glam, to punk folk, to tender acoustic harmonies and some house. A real grab bag of a playlist. It shows how big the sheer scope of local/indie talent really is.

Full disclosure we have slapped our latest single in the mix, a FutureWife track, a Jake Leg Jug Band track and Jack’s solo track - because, as well as band mates we’re also friends.

We hope you enjoy it. We’ve called it VOL1 because we are making the assumption our friends will release more music, or we’ll make more friends. Either way, we’ll do a VOL2 ect at some point.


Sea of Tranquility by Jack Tasker

We're at the start of something glorious now. Album number two is being mixed, mastered and gently caressed by Tom Bath of UTC, Stoke. We've heard a few snippets and it sounds immense.

You're going to be hearing a slice of this album very soon, so keep your ears ready. As you've picked up from some of our artwork, this album is leaving planet Earth behind and searching the skies for something more. 

In the meantime you might want to start getting our live dates in your diary. 

Big love,