Major Major Major Major single and video released by Jack Tasker

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We’ve released our next single from Saint Ishmael. This time it’s ‘Major, Major, Major, Major’ with a b-side serving of ‘Fight for your Right to Party’ by the Beastie Boys. We recorded a video for MMMM at Silk Mill Studios, you can watch it on our YouTube Channel.

To listen to the tracks go to the DROMA Records Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music or all the other streaming providers. Have a listen, let us know what you think.


New single 'Major, Major, Major, Major' out on Friday 30 August by Jack Tasker

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We have a new single dropping on Friday 30 August. It’s Major, Major, Major, Major, which can be found on Saint Ishmael. This version is a new take, recorded at Silk Mill Recording Studios is Stoke. It’ll have a new video to accompany it as well.

For the music nerds who might curiously ask ‘What’s different on this version?’ - well it’s a little faster than the album take, Laura’s keyboard sound is more ‘spacey’ and less ‘Town Called Malice’, Tom plays a very tasty little lick at the end of the second verse and Duncan’s bass parts cut through a lot more. For non-music nerds…you might not notice!

The Catch-22 inspired artwork was designed by Rich Greene, who has been a creative partner of the band (and all its associated acts - TASKRZ ect) since 2012.

Big love,
Gary, Sophie, Laura, Tom, Duncan and Jack

Music From Our Mates: VOL1 by Jack Tasker


We’ve put together a playlist that shows off some of the best music from our friends, many of whom are based in and around Staffordshire and West Midlands.



There’s a mix of everything from metal, to glam, to punk folk, to tender acoustic harmonies and some house. A real grab bag of a playlist. It shows how big the sheer scope of local/indie talent really is.

Full disclosure we have slapped our latest single in the mix, a FutureWife track, a Jake Leg Jug Band track and Jack’s solo track - because, as well as band mates we’re also friends.

We hope you enjoy it. We’ve called it VOL1 because we are making the assumption our friends will release more music, or we’ll make more friends. Either way, we’ll do a VOL2 ect at some point.


Vinyl, CD, Digital - get your copy of Saint Ishmael by Jack Tasker


Saint Ishmael is out on Friday 22 February 2019, after a year and a half of serious slog.

To purchase a CD version or vinyl version head to our band store. To get a digital copy go to Droma Records Bandcamp. It’ll be on all streaming services as well.

We really hope you like it! Please listen, share, buy and enjoy.

We’re gigging tonight at The Artisan Tap in Stoke, get down to see us if you can!

Thank you