Saint Ishmael is out now on vinyl, CDR, streaming and digital download. To get a copy visit our store.

Saint Ishmael is the third album from Don’t Call Me Ishmael. It features songs written and performed by the band, including ‘Blood Is Thicker’, ‘Until You Can’t Run Anymore’ and ‘Thigh Gap’. The track listing is as follows:


  1. Saint Ishmael

  2. Major Major Major Major

  3. A Far Greater Chaos

  4. Small House

  5. Schism

  6. Until You Can’t Run Anymore  


  1. Lights

  2. Blood Is Thicker

  3. Thigh Gap

  4. Ninth Life

  5. Tonight (May Be The Night We Die)

  6. Storm Emma

  7. Not Noel Coward

It features cover artwork by Elanor Sims and label artwork by Peter Phillips.

It was mixed and mastered by Thomas J Bath at UTC, Stoke.

It was written, performed and recorded by Don’t Call Me Ishmael, with support from Anne Budgen, Ian Faddy-Widdman, Sarah Tasker, Emily Jones, Matt Plant, Tom Bath, Ant Vukic and the City of Birmingham Brass Band.