Don't Call Me Ishmael


Don't Call Me Ishmael are a band from the Midlands, UK. After originating as a solo project for frontman Gary Wilcox in late 2014, they crystallised as a band in Autumn 2015 and their music is a collision of perfect pop, edgy politics and heart-on-the-sleeve romanticism.

  Featuring members of TASKRZ, The Graham Dawson Band and Wilcox:Hulse, the band released its debut album; 'Underdog Songs' in December 2015 and has been building an impressive reputation for their live performances since.

They released a single in April 2017 and album number two in May 2017.  


Don’t Call Me Ishmael are: 
Gary Wilcox - Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion
Jack Tasker - Guitars, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboards, Drum Loops, Vocals
Sophie Bret Tasker - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Matt Plant - Viola, Bouzouki, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Emily Jones - Bass, Vocals

Anthony Vukic - Trumpet, Vocals
Rob Haubus - Bass, Vocals
Anne Budgen - Oboe
Sarah Pips - Vocals
Tom Bath - Percussion

 Photo by Nick Barber

Photo by Nick Barber

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